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Lille vildmose - a world of wonders

In the northern part of Jutland - 30 km (20 miles) to the south east of Aalborg lies Lille Vildmose a raised bog of about 76 km2  ​(50 square miles). 

In Lille Vildmose you will find a variety of animals such as moose, deer, foxes and a lot of interesting birds - i.e. eagles, cranes, geese, hawks and swans. Also the flora of the bog is very interesting. 

The area used to be a production area where peat was dug. Now the area is protected, but you are free to go around in the area by car, or riding your own bike - you may even walk. In the area you will find towers for watching and wooden paths to enter the wet peatland. Do not walk into the peatland - it is wet and very deep (up til 90 % is water). 

In order to find your way round you might visit Lille Vildmose Center - read more right here. 

Visit Lille Vildmose Center​

Lille Vildmosecentret

CVR: 29414378

Vildmosevej 100

9280 Storvorde

📱 99 31 75 50




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