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A visit to the Lille Vildmosecenter

In the middle of Lille Vildmose you will find the Lille Vildmosecenter – a natural starting point for a visit to the bog. The Lille Vildmosecenter opened in April 2006 and is placed next to the old Vildmosegård which was built in 1768.

A wide range of activities for all ages

The Lille Vildmosecenter is an experience centre where the old bog comes alive for visitors of all ages. When you have bought your entrance ticket in the reception you are free to use all the familiy-friendly facilities both inside and outside the center. During the season we have a wide range of activities in which the children can participate. How about making your own pancake at the bonfire, or exploring the lake near the Centre with a fishing net or playing with the mascot troll ‘Little Vildma’ in the park?

Have you ever wondered how it feels to fly like an eagle? The eagle has a wingspan of more than 2 meters and ascends skyward while gliding over the bog. In our eagle simulator you can experience how the area looks like from a bird perspective. You can also see nature films in the cinema, get close to plants and animals of the bog in the nature workshop or discover the interactive exhibition (in English) and learn about the fascinating history of the raised bog, its wild life and nature values. Outside the Centre the youngsters will love to play at the nature playground or see the wild boars being fed in the fence near the Centre. You can read more about the exhibition and nature playground in the menu on the left side of the page.

Take a ride with the old peat train

Another fun activity for visitors of all ages is a ride with the old peat train. On the ride you will hear amazing stories about the raised bog of Lille Vildmose from our friendly train drivers. Remember to keep an eye out for the wild oxen, eagles, moose og red deer. The train will take you to the newly established lake – Birkesø. The train leaves from the platform outside the Centre at 12.00 and 13.30 every weekend, in public holidays and the summer holidays. When you have bought your ticket for the Lille Vildmosecenter the trainticket costs an extra 30 DKK.

Get more information on Lille Vildmose

In the reception you will find the Tourist InfoCenter where we offer our guests maps and other items of information about Lille Vildmose. The staff will guide you to the best bird towers and lookouts in the area and tell you where the best chances are to experience the wild animals. It is possible to discover the area on your own or you can join one of the many guided tours leaving the Centre during the season.

Enjoy a meal in Café Soldug

If you are in need of a refreshment before or after exploring the unique nature of Lille Vildmose you should visit Café Soldug. In the Café you can enjoy a sandwich, potato salad with meatballs or a slice of Danish pastry with a warm cup of coffee or tea. During the summer holidays you can make your own lunch as we offer sausages and bread to cook over the bonfire outside the Centre.?

Lille Vildmosecentret

CVR: 29414378

Vildmosevej 100, Dokkedal

9280 Storvorde

📱 + 45 99 31 75 00



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