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The nature playground

Once you have bought your entrance ticket for Lille Vildmosecentret it is free to use the nature playground outside the Centre. 

While playing and having fun children and adults can achieve knowledge about the animals and plants in the bog. 

The playground equipments are carefully chosen and they all have a relation to life in the bog and help to increase excercise and health. 

Everything has a direct link to the bog for example the eagle’s nest, the spider’s web and the fox’ cave.

Lille Vildma

The troll Lille Vildma is a mascot for the children at Lille Vildmosecenter and their guide at the nature playground. Together with her animal friends she guides the children through a lot of fun and instructive activities. In the shop the children can buy a teddy bear looking like Lille Vildma.

Little Vildmas cottage

Next to the playground you will find Little Vildmas cottage. The cottage has tables, benches and electric barbecues which can be used free of charge if you want to enjoy your packed lunch.​?

Lille Vildmosecentret

CVR: 29414378

Vildmosevej 100, Dokkedal

9280 Storvorde

📱 + 45 99 31 75 00



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