Lille vildmose - a world of wonders

In the northern part of Jutland - 30 km (20 miles) to the south east of Aalborg lies Lille Vildmose a raised bog of about 76 km2 ​(50 square miles).

In Lille Vildmose you will find a variety of animals such as moose, deer, foxes and a lot of interesting birds - i.e. eagles, cranes, geese, hawks and swans. Also the flora of the bog is very interesting.

The area used to be a production area where peat was dug. Now the area is protected, but you are free to go around in the area by car, or riding your own bike - you may even walk. In the area you will find towers for watching and wooden paths to enter the wet peatland. 

Do not walk into the peatland - it is wet and very deep (up til 90 % is water).


lille vildmose centre - the natural starting point  

In order to find your way around you might visit Lille Vildmose Centre. ​The centre in an exhibition where you can learn about the bog, the animals and the evolution of the bog. There is a cinema where films about the animals and the bog will be shown on your demand. Several of the films are in English and German.

In weekends and holidays the peat train will take you to the newly established Birkesø and the guide will give you information of what you see. 

The area called 'The Wild Area' is a newly eastablished area where you can have so called 'hands-on' experiences. You will also find an enclosure with wild boars. 

The cantre has a small café with hot and cold drinks and a bite to eat. Outside the café there is a nice playground for the children. 

Lille Vildmosecentret

CVR: 29414378

Birkesøvej 16

9280 Storvorde

📱 99 31 75 00



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