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General information

On this page you can find some general information which may come in handy while visiting the Lille Vildmosecenter.

Facilities for disabled
The Lille Vildmosecenter can be visited in a wheelchair and it is possible to visit the Toftesø Tower and the plank paths in the Portland Bog with a wheelchair.

It is not allowed to bring dogs, cats or other pets in the Centre, but you are welcome to walk them in a leash on the outside areas.

You will find a wardrobe at the Lille Vildmosecenter. However, it is not possible to keep your belongings in a locker.


Smoking is only allowed on the outside areas surrounding the Centre. In the rest of the bog smoking is not allowed due to fire hazard.

There is free parking at the parking lot next to the Lille Vildmosecenter.

Facilities surrounding the Lille Vildmosecenter

Around the Lille Vildmosecenter you can find several activities and facilities which are free to use once you have bought your entrance ticket.

The park
Next to the Lille Vildmosecenter you will find the old Vildmosegaard and surrounding it is a beautiful park with a lake and impressive large, old trees. The park holds tables and benches where you can eat your packed lunch.

Shelter location
The shelter place is located near the Lille Vildmosecenter and is equipped with 3 shelters, a fireplace, water line and a primitive toilet. Visitors can light fires, eat picnic or stay overnight at the site, which can be booked by contacting the Lille Vildmose Visitor Centre.

Wild boars
Visitors can make a walk around the enclosure where the wild boars live.

Picnic room
If you want to eat your packed lunch inside you are welcome to sit inside the old horse stables.

Lille Vildmosecentret

CVR: 29414378

Vildmosevej 100, Dokkedal

9280 Storvorde

📱 + 45 99 31 75 00



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