The Exhibition

The exhibition is included in the entrance ticket which you buy in the reception. Go for a ride in the eagle simulator and try flying like an eagle, visit the nature workshop and come close to the plants and animals of the raised bog or try to stand next to a full mount moose. You can also discover the interactive exhibition which is built up over four themes – read more about them below.

The creation of Lille Vildmose

The first part of the exhibition refers to the creation of the bog. It describes how the bog of Lille Vildmose, which is one of Denmark’s youngest landscapes, was formed on a piece of neolithic ocean floor, which rose after the last ice age.

Humans in Lille Vildmose

Humans in Lille Vildmose is the part of the exhibition which deals with the way mankind have used the natural resources of Lille Vildmose in terms of catchment of area to practice agriculture, digging peat, sphagnum produce and hunting.

The flora and fauna of Lille Vildmose

This part of the exhibition deals with the extensive nature of the bog and how natural forests, lakes, grasslands, marshes, salt marshes and coastal areas offer unique animal and plant life and a wealth of exciting outdoor experiences.

Exploring Lille Vildmose

The last part of the exhibition presents the experiences that you can get in the bog. If you move quietly and with patience, the experience in the nature will be better, and sooner or later you will see the golden eagle, wild boars, red deer, otters and maybe a moose – if you are lucky.


The moose has returned to Denmark

In November 2015 five moose calves arrived in Lille Vildmose. The job og the new arrivals from Sweden will be to roam the areas, munching on trees and shrubs, helping to create a more varied landscape and the recovery of the bog. The animals are confined to a relatively small paddock until May/June 2016, when they will be released into a larger area (2100 hectares) encircled by a 30 kilometre fence open to visitors of the bog.

The moose as a natural carer

It is not without reason that the moose have arrived in Lille Vildmose. They have come to help with the restoration of the interesting raised bog, with its unique bird and plant life . It is especially the moose ability to cope in the marshy and wetland areas which makes the moose interesting to work with in Lille Vildmose. They can find and get food in areas where red and roe deer do not come in the same extent and are therefore able to help keeping birch – and willow trees away from the raised bog so it does not dry up. If willow- and birch trees should be kept down by means of manual work it would cost towards 1 million DKK every year.

What is a moose?

The moose is the world’s largest deer – an European bull moose can weigh up to 500 kg. The characteristic features such as its long legs, broad hooves and the big muzzle, as well as its size makes it easy to distinguish from the other deer species you can encounter in Lille Vildmose – roe and red deer. The long legs and the broad hooves also render the possibility of walking on the raised bog and in the shallow lakes. ‘The toes’ which grow to be 18 cm. long are quite effective to spread seeds and plant material, as it can get stuck in between the toes. This means that the moose can help to restore the raised bog to other areas of Lille Vildmose by carrying around the sphagnum plant.

The moose is a solitary animal and only has company in the rutting season as well as when the moose cow has calves. The moose rutting season takes place during the fall and it calves in the spring, where it will have 1-2 calves.

The moose fence in Lille Vildmose 

The area in which the moose are, is called the ‘Middle area’. The fence is 30 km. long and encloses 2100 hectare and is erected with robinie-poles, which is a tree species grown in Eastern Europe having a life expectancy of 25-40 years in the ground. The fence is 2,5 m. high and has 62 wildlife passages so that small snimals such as fox, badger and hare has the opportunity to get in and out of the area.

Experience the moose at Lille Vildmosecentret

At Lille Vildmosecenter you can come up close to a full mounted moose and get the real experience of how big a moose is.